Month: May, 2018

21 May

Bright Employee: Jamil Ellis

Bright Power Bright Employee

Jamil Ellis CTOWe’re proud of the intelligent, passionate, and hardworking people that make up the Bright Power team. This month, we’re excited to introduce a new member of our team.

Meet Jamil Ellis, Chief Technology Officer.

What are some of the things you are excited about in your new role at Bright Power?
I always look to use my technology skills for good. I want what I do to have an impact and push the needle on creating more healthy buildings. I’m excited about the opportunity to work with people who are passionate about using their skills to make a positive impact on the planet. I find that technology is better used when there is a real impact on the physical world and a big bonus if it saves the planet.

Tell us about a project or accomplishment for which you’re proud.
One of my first leadership experiences at Major League Baseball comes to mind. I worked to rebuild the entire video experience in one off-season. The deadline constraints coupled with my love of baseball made it especially rewarding.

What’s something people might not know about you?
I speak Ukrainian at home with my wife and daughter. My daughter is trilingual – she speaks Ukrainian, Spanish, and English. I’m also working on two podcasts in my spare time.  Take a listen here and here. I also love karaoke and organize this Meetup group.

What’s the future of technology look like at Bright Power?
The future of technology at Bright Power will be guided by everyone here at the organization. I want to start a continual conversation about what the future will bring. Technology is always changing and is not one size fits all. It will take all of us working together to get the right solutions for our business.

What are some trends that you are seeing in the industry that excite you?
Everything going on with smart buildings, sensors, and meters is game-changing. Specifically getting new data streams and using that data as another tool will allow us to even more effectively deliver the right solutions for each building.

17 May

What to Know, Now: Energy Market Update May 2018

Dan Levin Energy Markets, procurement

It’s not easy to buy the low, but make sure you don’t buy the high.

The Bottom Line

Right now, the market and pricing are telling us that a two or three year fixed rate agreement is the safe and smart choice. Going long, as in buying longer-term fixed rate contracts, is the safe bet right now. With third-party supplier pricing for electric and gas still comparing favorably to 2017 and winter 2018 rates, many customers are pulling the trigger and capturing a near market low, before the tide changes.

What to know about 2018

Today’s prices are low, based on high levels and efficient natural gas production in the US. However, there is a serious concern that the upcoming hot summer may cause higher demand for electricity to power additional air conditioning. This would reduce the amount of gas we have in storage for later use and cause market volatility. If this happens, gas prices may rise this summer and impact winter prices as well. If you have contracts expiring in 2018, we recommend evaluating your future contract now!

Why Act Now

Many property owners and managers are risk adverse. It’s better to capture a 5% guaranteed year to year cost savings than take a risk that could result in a 30% cost increase! We help our clients choose the right plan for their budgets and their risk levels. Right now, the market and pricing are telling us that a two or three year fixed rate agreement is the safe and smart choice.

15 May

Bright Power Honored as Rising Star in New Construction

Bright Power new construction

Anchin Construction Award

Pictured L to R: Andrea Mancino, Director of New Construction; Terri Pissi, Partner, Anchin; Jeffrey Perlman, President & Founder; Steven Aponte, Vice President, Operations & Finance; Jamin Bennett, Director of On-site Generation

We’re proud to announce that Bright Power has been selected as a Rising Star in New York Construction at the 2018 New York Construction Awards, Presented by Anchin.

In cooperation with the American Council of Engineering Companies of New York (ACEC-NY), the American Institute of Architects – New York Chapter (AIA New York), the Subcontractors Trade Association (STA), and Willis Towers Watson, Anchin will recognize other leaders in New York Construction at their awards dinner held on June 14.