Revolutionizing Energy and Water Management

We began by delivering energy improvement projects like many others do.

We kept running into gaps where money, time, and resources were being wasted – despite everyone’s best intentions.
We solved these problems, and in the process created a unique company with deep expertise in every dimension of energy management.

Intelligence-Driven Energy Management

We are different

Bright Power has done something no other company has: we’ve packaged all of the capabilities you see below into a single, ongoing managed service.

Portfolio managers now have a permanent team of energy experts who are always on the job, continuously watching their buildings. They concentrate on running their businesses, knowing that we are optimizing energy consumption, comfort, and cost.

We are results-oriented “doers”

Bright Power has audited thousands of buildings, designed energy efficiency improvements for them, and managed the implementation of those systems.

You name it, and we’ve done it: solar energy, fuel conversions, on-site generation, heating system upgrades, etc., etc. We find practical, cost-effective solutions to the most intractable energy efficiency challenges.

We are data-driven

We’ve got the biggest database of energy usage in large multifamily residential buildings in the United States. We developed software that analyzes energy and water usage, with breakouts down to the source level.

Our experts leverage this data to design and implement award-winning energy efficiency projects.

We are practical partners

Everything we do is based a on combination of hard data and modern energy efficiency science. We don’t follow fads, and we don’t believe in piecemeal solutions. We emphasize practical strategies that optimize consumption, comfort, and cost.

To fulfill our vision, we assembled a unique and diverse team. We are passionate about energy efficiency and motivated to make a positive difference in the world through conservation of the precious natural resources we all share.

We are innovators

We create new ways to improve energy efficiency.

One example is our invention of the Resilient Power Hub – a fresh approach that not only provides emergency backup power, but also reduces ongoing energy costs, pays for itself, and generates ROI.

Check out the video. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

We are the ‘go-to’ green building experts

Bright Power has extensive experience in energy-efficient building design, renewable energy systems, and implementation. Many of our staff members carry multiple certifications in green building disciplines.

When Jonathan Rose Companies needed a partner to manage energy efficiency, solar design, and LEED for Via Verde, the award winning 22-story affordable housing complex, they chose Bright Power. Read more about their story here.

We are software developers

Bright Power software enables our clients to keep their fingers on the pulse of portfolio energy, and our analysts to detect issues that need attention.

EnergyScoreCards is the only monitoring system designed specifically for multifamily residential buildings. It is actively used in thousands of buildings all across the United States.

We are procurement specialists

Beyond our energy efficiency capabilities, we also can reduce our clients’ cost of supply.

Our energy procurement consultants help clients create predictable energy budgets. We can also manage all the details of the procurement process to ensure they pay the lowest prices possible.

We are gap-closers

The energy efficiency industry is a fragmented amalgamation of companies that only do part of what it really takes to manage energy and water. You’ve got software vendors who don’t do projects, solar energy companies that don’t handle oil and gas, auditors who can’t design solutions, etc., etc.

The gaps between these suppliers are where cost overruns, design mistakes, and continued waste happen.

Our company is purposely staffed to close these gaps, and our intelligence-driven methodology ensures it actually happens.

We are incentive nerds

Our design and implementation team has deep and detailed knowledge of available grants, rebates and tax credit opportunities.

We often recommend design alternatives that others miss, enabling developers to qualify for additional incentives they had not anticipated before we got involved.

We are researchers

Bright Power helps to further energy efficiency knowledge by co-authoring research reports on cutting-edge topics.

When the Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future (SAHF) needed a partner with the right credentials to conduct a study of the results of the HUD Green Retrofit Program and the Energy Savers Program in Illinois, they called on Bright Power. Read the results of Energy and Water Savings in Multifamily Retrofits along with our other reports and studies here.

We are teachers

We delight in sharing what we have learned. Our experts are sought-after instructors in energy efficiency science and green building practices.

Bright Power executives are adjunct professors at universities including NYU and CUNY. We love our continuing connection to current research and the arena of ideas.