Jeffrey Perlman, President and Founder
Jeffrey Perlman is the President and Founder of Bright Power. He spends his days solving the most challenging energy problems facing building owners today. An experienced energy auditor, energy analyst and solar-energy-system designer, Jeff is as happy in a boiler room or on a rooftop as he is in a corporate boardroom. Read More

Certifications: CEM, CEA, BPI Multifamily Building Analyst, LEED AP

Conor Laver, Vice President, Data Analysis and Chief Scientist
Conor is an astrophysicist who channels his statistics and coding powers to effect rigorous energy analysis in the building science world. He designs and refines our methodology in everything from energy modeling to utility analysis to building population analysis. Conor has a Ph.D. in Astrophysics from UC Berkeley. Read More

Certification: BPI Multifamily Building Analyst

Steven Aponte, Vice President, Operations & Finance
Steven works to streamline and optimize the intra- and inter-team workflow of the various divisions at Bright Power. He has an M.B.A., in Finance and Entrepreneurship from the NYU School of Business, and a B.A. in Economics, Harvard University. Read More
Brian Klansky, Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Brian Klansky is responsible for all aspects of sales and marketing at Bright Power. He will continue to expand the company’s footprint by fostering geographic growth and widening the scope of Bright Power’s EnergyScoreCards offering. Brian most recently was Vice President of Sales and Marketing at US Energy, a market leading building energy management solutions (BEMS). Read More

Andrew McNamara, Vice President, Western Region
Andrew consults with design teams and owners regarding energy-saving opportunities, and works to provide buildings in which energy efficiency, green technology, and solar energy are formed into a comprehensive energy package. On solar projects, he helps our clients understand where and how solar power can be applied, and manages the installation of viable, productive solar systems on their buildings. Read More

Certifications: CEM, CEA, LEED AP BD+C (Building Design + Construction)

Gregory Sherman, Vice President, Western Region
Greg spearheads Bright Power’s first satellite office in Oakland, California. In this venture, the day-to-day finds Greg building partnerships with owners, managers, developers, architects, local government agencies and other key stakeholders. Greg is expanding our national presence and helping Bright Power make an even greater impact in the buildings of our West Coast clients. Read More

Certifications: CEM, Existing Buildings Commissioning Professional, BPI Multifamily Building Analyst and LEED EB O+M.

Jon Keck, Vice President, Software Engineering
Jon is responsible for the software development team at Bright Power, with particular emphasis on the support and enhancement of its flagship software product EnergyScoreCards™. He works closely with the EnergyScoreCards account management team to translate client feedback into tools which help clients understand how to improve both their energy efficiency and their bottom line. Read More

Dan Levin, Vice President, Energy Markets
Dan Levin has a long record of providing energy procurement consulting services to large energy users across the US. Beginning in 1997 with the deregulation of Con Edison, Dan assisted clients in navigating the early phases to deregulation and the many changes that took place over the subsequent years as the markets matured and became more volatile. Dan’s energy consulting career includes seven years with Ernst and Young LP and seven years with his own firm, which was acquired by Bright Power in April 2014. Read More

Jon Braman, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
Jon Braman provides technical oversight, team coordination and assistance with incentives to transform energy analysis into energy savings. He develops straightforward ways to communicate complex patterns of building energy use via our energy benchmarking software, EnergyScoreCards™. Jon has published research on green buildings, and is currently an instructor on Green Building Practices at NYU. Read More

Certifications: BPI Multifamily Building Analyst, LEED AP

Our Investors

WindSail Capital Group
WindSail Capital Group is a Boston, MA based investment firm that provides growth capital to early stage commercial businesses advancing energy innovation and resource efficiency. WindSail’s unique approach offers companies flexible and creative financing solutions that meet their specific financing needs while facilitating growth and minimizing dilution. WindSail invests $2.0 to $8.0 million in each transaction.