Vice President, Energy Markets

Dan Levin has a long record of providing energy procurement consulting services to large energy users across the US. Beginning in 1997 with the deregulation of Con Edison, Dan assisted clients in navigating the early phases to deregulation and the many changes that took place over the subsequent years as the markets matured and became more volatile. Dan’s energy consulting career includes seven years with Ernst and Young LP and seven years with his own firm, which was acquired by Bright Power in April 2014.

Dan specializes in developing energy risk management strategies and conducting retail energy procurements for corporations, commercial and residential real estate firms, hotels, universities, manufacturers, and hospitals.  He has effectively negotiated supply contracts throughout the United States.  Dan’s other expertise includes physical commodity hedging, energy risk management, comparative cost/savings analyses, load aggregation, budget preparation and forecasting, energy contract assessment, landlord/tenant energy cost evaluations and governmental/utility energy conservation programs.  He has extensive knowledge of utility tariffs, bill analysis, and the processes required for assessing and maximizing the benefits from the deregulation of electrical and natural gas utilities.

In addition to his Bright Power duties, for the past six years he has served as Co-President of the NY Energy Consumers Council. In that role, Dan has the opportunity to be an active party in the regulatory process pursuing fair and reasonable utility rates through intervention with the NYS Public Service Commission.  Dan has a Bachelor of Science degree (Cum Laude) from New York University.