Director of Energy Management Services

Samantha Pearce is the Director of Energy Management Services at Bright Power, helping building owners, managers, and operators reduce utility and operations costs through a targeted approach using on-site training, remote monitoring, and technical support to strengthen each organization’s capacity to make critical planning and repair decisions.

Formerly serving as the Director of Housing Development and Sustainability at Selfhelp, Samantha managed facilities operations and energy performance for the Selfhelp portfolio and provided technical coordination for new development and construction projects. She has also helped to develop a Technical Service program, focusing on portfolio benchmarking, energy audits, construction management, and technical review to assist affordable housing owners throughout New York City.

She spearheaded the development of The Green Capital Needs Assessments (GCNA), used for long-term energy-related and non-energy-related planning and budgeting, developed training sessions for building staff, and deployed an interactive engagement program to educate tenants.

Samantha has a BS in Architectural Engineering, is a LEED Accredited Professional (AP), and proudly co-founded BLISS, a group meet up for Boss Ladies in Sustainable Services. When she is not at work, you can find Samantha cooking, running and training for marathons, or taking her dog Brooklyn on long walks. She has been to 43 states and has a goal to get to the remaining seven by running races in each them!

Samantha Pearce