Director of Energy Analysis

Toby analyzes energy and building data to provide insight into how well buildings perform and enable clients to take action to improve buildings. Leveraging our energy benchmarking software, EnergyScoreCards, Toby and his team help clients actively manage energy in buildings, identify opportunities and measure results.  

Toby first came to Bright Power as one of the first clients of EnergyScoreCards during his tenure as Vice President, Energy Management for Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH). At POAH he analyzed opportunities for resource conservation and implemented cost-effective energy and water efficiency projects across a multifamily real estate portfolio.

Most recently, Toby was the Director of Innovation for PowerOptions where he developed new plans, products, and opportunities for collaboration with PowerOptions members and partners.  Toby also worked at Consortium for Energy Efficiency, managing initiatives for energy efficiency in distribution transformers, water treatment, and motor management.

Toby has a B.S. in Biology from Duke University and earned a Masters in Business Administration from the F.W. Olin School of Management at Babson College.

Toby Ast Director Energy Analysis