September 27, 2018 Bright Power efficiency, investment

Turning Data Into Action, Habitat Magazine, September 2018.
By Frank Lovece, Habitat Magazine

The Building Energy Exchange, in collaboration with Bright Power and Sustainable Energy Partnerships, has published a report called Turning Data Into Action. These folks analyzed nearly 16,000 datasets from Local Law 84 (Benchmarking) and Local Law 87 (Energy Audit Law), using Python programming to analyze the submissions that New York City buildings have been filing.

And then they turned all this data into easy-to-read, color-coded tearsheets containing energy upgrade opportunities matched to key points in a building’s financial life-cycle. Each sheet lists retrofit measures to consider, ranging from capital-intensive measures best implemented when a building is refinancing, to low-cost measures that can be funded out of operating expenses, and to those in between. “This is by no means meant to replace a comprehensive energy audit or feasibility study,” says Dave Sachs, a technical expert at Bright Power, “it’s meant for folks who don’t have the budget for that to identify their particular building type and see what opportunities exist.”