Reduced Energy Consumption by 45% in Year One
  • 1st Year Cost Savings


  • 1st Year Energy Usage Reduction


  • NYSERDA Incentives


The board at 200 East End Avenue wanted to lower operating costs and improve tenant comfort by targeting areas of energy and water waste. They sought to obtain NYSERDA Multifamily Performance Program funding to cover the costs of completing an energy audit as well as project implementation. Working with the board, Bright Power performed the energy audit, identified savings opportunities, assisted with installation, and secured NYSERDA incentives.

Project Details

  • Installed new heat exchanger for domestic hot water, 200-gallon hot water storage tank, and electronic mixing valve
  • Installed a single 100-HP condensing hydronic heating boiler, eliminating the use of steam for heating, cooling, and domestic hot water generation
  • Replaced steam-driven, single stage absorption chiller with two natural gas-fired two stage 200-ton absorption chillers
  • Replaced parking garage, common area, and mechanical room T12 fixtures with magnetic ballasts for T8 fixtures with electronic ballasts
  • Installed bi-level lighting in the stairwells as well as occupancy sensors in pertinent areas
  • Trained building staff on proper maintenance techniques and operations of new equipment
  • Replaced fans and motors in the existing cooling tower with high-efficiency units