Manhattan School of Music is a premier music conservatory for classical music, jazz, and musical theatre dedicated to the personal, artistic, and intellectual development of aspiring musicians, from precollege through postgraduate studies. After reviewing the results of a New York City mandated energy audit, Manhattan School of Music (MSM) began to recognize the need for developing and deploying a strategic energy and water management plan to fix and proactively resolve energy-related issues.

Bright Power’s energy audit report confirmed that the conservatory faced aging infrastructure and high cooling and electric costs, which contributed to the ongoing maintenance and budget concerns. Using EnergyScoreCards, we identified the efficiency improvements that targetted consumption. Our energy markets experts then created an energy procurement strategy to target supply costs and establish a long-term plan to ensure supply costs don’t get out of hand.

MSM had Bright Power proactively work with site staff and identify areas of improvement to ensure building systems run at peak performance. We became an extension of MSM’s site team, helping with capital planning, budgeting, and monitoring real-time building data. Bright Power’s real-time systems-level monitoring targets the right improvements and has led to a more proactive operations and maintenance plan — lending to energy cost reduction, improved comfort for students and faculty, and decreased mechanical issues and failures throughout the school year.

Project Details

  • Installed VFDs
  • Installed Building Management System
  • Replaced chiller
  • Upgraded lighting to LEDs
  • Created an operations and maintenance manual
  • Operations and maintenance support and capital planning

“We’ve worked with Manhattan School of Music for many years now. Through partnership and hard work from their staff, we’ve been able to move from a culture of reactive and deferred maintenance to one that is proactive and data-driven. Our analytics and operational familiarity with the facility now allow us to identify and resolve problems as, or before, they happen.” — Michael Brusic, Technical Director, Bright Power