Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Retrofit
  • First Year Energy Savings


  • Energy Usage Reduction


  • Payback

    5.2 Years

Roselle Senior Citizen Housing Corporation | Pinewood Hall is a 5-story, 171-unit affordable housing community located in Roselle, New Jersey. The property first completed an energy audit with Bright Power to find ways to decrease energy and water consumption. After reviewing the energy audit, the building implemented several improvements that would reduce waste as well as operations and maintenance headaches.

One of the improvements included removing the inefficient 60 kW internal combustion cogeneration engine that caused a drastic increase in electric utility costs. After its removal, gas usage declined significantly by 50% and overall electricity usage decreased by 10%. Bright Power helped the building go through New Jersey’s Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) to minimize the upfront costs associated with the audit and project implementation.

Project Details

  • Removed an inefficient 60 kW internal combustion co-generation engine that used natural gas as its fuel
  • Installed two new, condensing DHW heaters
  • Installed CARs, cleaning and sealing of ventilation ducts for significant efficiency improvement in heating system
  • Installed outdoor temperature reset controller with nighttime setback
  • Replaced common area T12 fixtures with magnetic ballasts and T8 fixtures with electronic ballasts featuring occupancy sensors
  • Replaced in-unit incandescent lighting with CFL's
  • Weatherstripped apartments windows and mechanical room doors
  • Installed low-flow showerheads and aerators