Full-service Compliance for Owners and Managers

Audits and retro-commissioning

Building energy usage accounts for roughly 75% of New York City’s annual greenhouse gas emissions. Local Law 87 (LL87), the City’s energy auditing and retro-commissioning requirement, was created to reduce this number by making buildings more energy efficient.

Bright Power is New York City’s #1 provider of both Local Law 87 submissions and the annual benchmarking reports required by LL87’s sister law, Local Law 84.

We know the law’s requirements inside-out, and have a long track record of providing cost-effective yet meaningful building improvements.

We strive to make buildings more efficient for owners and more comfortable for tenants. Auditing and retro-commissioning services that we provide always follow the same intelligence-driven methodology whether they are submitted for compliance or performed as part of a larger energy management plan.

For Local Law 87, our experts will guide you through the three steps to achieving compliance:

1. Energy Audit. Our certified engineers and auditors perform a site visit to evaluate the performance of all the building’s energy-related systems: heat and hot water, lighting and other electrical loads, and the building envelope. We then develop an audit report for you with recommended improvements based on the findings from the site visit.

2. Retro-commissioning. Based on the audit and City guidelines, our qualified retro-commissioning agent identifies maintenance, calibration and operational changes that need to be made to building systems. We either perform the changes for you or re-inspect building systems once changes are made to confirm they meet the City’s requirements. We then prepare a report verifying that the property is in compliance.

3. Energy Efficiency Report. Finally, we submit the energy audit report and the retro-commissioning report to the Department of Buildings to achieve compliance.

What’s next?

You have the audit report, you know what improvements should be made, and now it’s time to make them happen. Bright Power works with a host of different programs to help building owners like you receive grants, rebates and tax credits to implement energy efficiency changes. Learn more