Stronger, Safer Buildings

Post-Katrina, post-Sandy; it’s time to act. At Bright Power, resilient technology must not only be innovative, it must also be financially responsible. We work with our clients to develop resiliency strategies that keep critical systems running during power outages and provide economic value when the grid is functional.

Our resiliency services include:

  • Building vulnerability assessment
  • Resiliency feasibility studies
  • Design and installation of resilient technology
  • Performance monitoring

Introducing the Resilient Power Hub

It’s an on-site generation solution that integrates solar energy, cogeneration and battery storage technologies to provide resilient power that pays for itself over time.

Winner of the 2015 RISE:NYC Innovation Awards, the Resilient Power Hub reduces buildings’ energy costs by offsetting electric and gas consumption. It provides¬†emergency back-up power to critical building loads such as elevators, pumps, and lighting. Check out the video for more information.