Running Buildings the Right Way

Commissioning ensures that systems in your building are designed and functioning in the best possible way. It is required for LEED certification and is increasingly mandated by state and local governments.

New Construction

No matter how carefully a building is designed, if the systems, equipment and materials are not installed and operating as intended, the building will not perform well.  Small problems can have a big impact on consumption, comfort, and cost.

Bright Power begins commissioning during the design of a new building and continues through construction and occupancy. We follow an intensive process that ensures a new building functions optimally, and that building staff can successfully operate building systems.

Existing Buildings

  • Retro-commissioning can resolve problems that occurred during building design or construction, or address problems that have developed during the building’s life. Bright Power has delivered significant energy savings and extended equipment life through our retro-commissioning process. Retro-commissioning is required for buildings covered by NYC’s Local Law 87.
  • Recommissioning applies the commissioning process to a building that has been previously commissioned (during new construction) or retro-commissioned. It is normally done every three to five years.
  • Ongoing, or Continuous, commissioning leverages monitoring equipment and trending software to continuously track energy consumption. Using remote monitoring technology, we can quickly identify and address any problems that appear.

Bright Power’s MoBIUS service takes continuous commissioning to the next level, providing a full energy management service to keep your buildings running as well as possible.