New Construction

Managing Energy from the Start

Bright Power saves developers and owners time and money by ensuring that energy efficiency and renewable energy options are integrated into their buildings from the beginning.  We work with architects and design teams to make sure energy systems are sized appropriately, on-site generation and solar energy are considered, and all related construction tasks are done right the first time.

Our New Construction team provides design consulting, energy modeling, Passive House consulting, LEED, Enterprise Green Communities and other green certification services for both ground-up developments and gut rehabilitations.

La Central Aerial View

Rendering of La Central, Bronx, NY, developed by Hudson Companies, Common Ground, and BRP Development Corporation

Intelligence-Driven Design

Our design team models the cost and impact of a variety of energy systems, identifying tradeoffs and facilitating informed decisions.

In the example shown, we compared the operating costs for seven different heating strategies, from electric baseboard on the left to Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) on the right, which enabled project managers to decide with confidence in this critical design area.

Green Buildings & Commissioning

We ensure that the systems in a new building are designed, installed, functionally tested and capable of being operated and maintained the right way. This process is required in order to qualify for green building certifications and is increasingly mandated by state and local governments for large buildings.
No matter how carefully a building is designed, if the systems, equipment, and materials are not installed and operating as intended, the building will not perform well. Small problems can have a big impact on energy consumption. Commissioning begins during the design of a new building and continues through construction, occupancy, and operation.

Throughout the construction and close-out phase, we work closely with the General Contractor and HVAC subcontractors to ensure that equipment is installed correctly and the start-up and operation of the equipment match the design.  We are on site for key points in the construction process to ensure that systems and materials get installed properly. We diagnose and resolve any problems before they become bigger issues that arise after occupancy.

Passive House Alliance US
Enterprise Green Communitites (EGC)
Bright Power Accepts Anchin’s 2018 New Construction Rising Star Award

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