Announcing Bright Power’s Acquisition of Ecological Partners, LLC


Announcing Bright Power’s Acquisition of Ecological Partners, LLC

New York City, NY. Feb. 19, 2015 – Bright Power, Inc., New York City-based energy management provider, has announced its acquisition of Ecological Partners, LLC, an energy efficiency service provider previously owned by Root9b Technologies, a cybersecurity and regulatory risk mitigation company.

Bright Power is a leading provider of strategic energy solutions for real estate portfolios across the country. The company’s full suite of services ranges from energy benchmarking and auditing to resiliency solutions and energy procurement. The acquisition of Ecological Partners, whose primary focus was energy-related local law compliance, allows Bright Power to enhance its existing business while continuing to expand its robust product offerings. “This is an exciting moment for us to incorporate a competitor, grow our team and cement our position in the NYC market. Ecological is a natural addition to Bright Power’s strategic vision as we work more closely with our clients, taking them beyond compliance and into long-term energy management solutions,” said Bright Power President and CEO, Jeff Perlman.

Bright Power views Ecological’s success in the compliance market as a stepping stone to more in-depth energy efficiency projects. “This is a big win for our clients who are now gaining access to the full range of energy management services that Bright Power provides. While we have built a business on local law compliance services, we’ve realized that compliance is only the first step to true energy management. The joining of our two companies means we will not only reach more buildings, but also that we will have the capacity to manage energy on a deeper level at those buildings,” said Ecological Vice President, Tim Howell.

With the addition of Ecological’s client base, Bright Power now provides local law compliance services to over 1,000 buildings in New York City, making them the single largest provider of both LL84 and LL87 compliance services.