Bright Employee: Ed Leykam, Manager of Commissioning


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Meet Ed Leykam, Manager of Commissioning.




What are some of the things you like most about working at Bright Power?
I enjoy having the opportunity to work with so many knowledgeable people from diverse backgrounds who share a passion for building science, energy, and our environment.

Tell us a bit about your role. What might a typical day look like?
As a commissioning agent, it is my role to act as a record keeper and facilitator for our clients. It is my goal to ensure that building mechanical systems are designed, built, and operate as intended, as well as meet each project’s specific requirements. This is especially important for our clients who aim to receive certifications for their developments like Passive House, LEED for Homes, or Enterprise Green Communities.

Days can vary greatly from one to the next, but on a typical day one may find me reviewing building drawings to identify issues with system designs, engaging in meetings with project teams to discuss mechanical system design and operation, conducting site visits to perform Functional Performance Tests, or compiling and creating reports to show compliance with Building Commissioning requirements.

What are some projects and accomplishments you’re most proud of?
There are lots of little accomplishments that add up. For example, I’ve identified controls that were not connected, ductwork that was not complete on a ventilation system, outside air dampers that were not connected to controls, and exhaust fans that were not wired. Each of these things may not seem critical to others, but without them functioning as they should, the building will have indoor air quality issues. That impacts the health and comfort of future residents. I’m proud that I help make peoples’ homes comfortable.

What’s something people might not know about you?
I am an avid motorcyclist and worked in the motorcycle industry for many years as a technician specializing in foreign motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles (ATV), and personal watercraft (PWC).

You have a ton of field experience. Tell us about something that might normally get missed?
Part of my role is to verify equipment is set up correctly as designed. I’ve seen General Contractors (GCs) coordinate between trades, inspectors, owners, and the daily operations of a construction site. With that much on their plate, sometimes little things get missed or pushed aside to address critical issues. What I like about my role is that I can help the GC, and the owner, identify those little things and help fix them.

Tell us about the best run new construction project you’ve seen. Why did it work well?
The best-run sites are ones where the GC is aware of and understands the importance of the commissioning process. They understand that without commissioning, the building might not perform as well or efficiently as designed. They also understand that commissioning agents are there to help them do their job in building the development that their client intended. I also think that when you have a GC who understands everyone’s needs, coordinates and communicates those needs, you have a very well run site.