Bright Employee: Lin Ao, Senior Data System Specialist


Lin AoWe’re proud of the intelligent, passionate, and hardworking people that make up the Bright Power team. Each month, you’ll get a chance to meet one of them, understand how they contribute to the organization, and what makes them excited to come to work every day.

Meet Lin Ao, Senior Data System Specialist.

What are some of the things you like most about working at Bright Power?
Bright Power has a group of smart and nice people with the same goal to create a real impact on the planet. The work here is diverse and rapidly changing, which allows young people to find their interests and specialties. I also like that we are a group of people from different cultures and backgrounds, and we work together to make a difference.

What are some projects and accomplishments you’re most proud of?
I love data visualization and am proud to utilize the skills I have to translate data into action and create strategies by building Business Intelligence dashboards and reports. Last year, I built a series of dashboards (take a look at a screengrab below) for different data sources and stakeholders while continually improving and maintaining them. Our Director of Data Operations, Michael Jarrett, and I are also trying to onboard and leverage a new and better Business Intelligence tool this year. We believe this new tool will allow us to better utilize data and provide services for clients!

data system

Also, I am proud to be able to work on a diverse range of projects and develop different skills. I developed my coding skills by writing some Python scripts and modifying code to solve data-related issues, gained project management skills by leading projects across multiple teams for system improvements, and I am gradually stepping into a management role and learning to be a manager. I’m so grateful to be trusted and have the opportunities to try different things based on my interests and strengths!

What’s something people might not know about you?
I had a very diverse working experience before I came to the Data team. I once worked for the United Nations, and at Bright Power, I held a few different roles across Strategic Initiatives, On-Site Generation, and now Data. I feel very lucky to be able to experience different areas of work and to have found my home on the Data team now.

You work with and manage lots and lots of complex data that help us and our clients understand their energy and water consumption. How do you think data plays into Bright Power’s work?
I have been working to improve and maintain a modern data system at Bright Power that stores utility data for over 69,000 buildings and over $2.1 billion in annual utility spend across the U.S. Data is such a valuable and precious asset for any company, and complete and correct data is critical for the services we provide to our clients at Bright Power. Besides the data itself, the process we developed, and the tools we leveraged are also beneficial for other business services and helps to make data-driven decisions.

What’s the one service offering we have that you think is the most beneficial to clients and why?
It’s definitely hard to say which one service is the most beneficial. I do think the combination of all of our services (engineering, construction, analysis, data, procurement…) makes us unique and valuable. Clients can go to one service provider to find what they need now and may need in the future. It helps them as they grow and develop or acquire new properties.