Bright Employee: Matthew Strobel, Manager of Building Commissioning


At Bright Power, we are proud of our many talented team members and this month, we are excited to shine a spotlight on Matthew Strobel, Manager of Building Commissioning.

Matt serves as an integral part of our Commissioning team, providing quality assurance to our clients and building owners. His efforts ensure that building systems are designed and function in the best way possible. In his role, Matt enjoys a wide variety of day-to-day projects, from working on-site to complete inspections and functional testing on equipment; to creating commissioning reports in the office. In addition, Matt serves as a respected mentor on his team, leading training sessions for his fellow team members.

Matt began his career as an intern at an engineering firm focused on HVAC design in schools, airports and government buildings. Following his initial HVAC design experience, Matt discovered Bright Power and joined the team in 2020, where he has been able to dive into both field and commission engineering, ultimately earning his Professional Engineering license, and moving up the ranks to become the manager of the building commissioning team. Matt is currently working toward his Certified Commissioning Professional accreditation, and is a valued part of the tight-knit culture at Bright Power. 

Outside the office, you can find Matt cheering on his favorite teams, the New York Mets and New York Jets. 

We’re fortunate to have Matt as a part of our team!