Bright Power at SolarTech East Coast 2014


Andrew McNamara, Bright Power’s VP of Engineering, will be joining an esteemed panel to discuss opportunities in the building integrated photovoltaic (BiPV) market on April 24, 2014 at SolarTech East Coast 2014.

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Information about Mr. McNamara’s session from the SolarTech East Coast 2014 website:

11:30 – 12:30    Session III – Expanding Opportunities in the BiPV Market.
Session chair: Mr Tom Thompson, Accounts Manager, North America, JA Solar USA

Expanding Opportunities in the BiPV Market – The building integrated photovoltaic (BiPV) market is experiencing dramatic growth and playing a key role in the next phase of the solar market’s  development, especially due to the development of more lightweight, cost-efficient BiPV products. This session will highlight innovative approaches to integrating solar photovoltaic elements in buildings, such as walkable photovoltaic floors, and discuss expanding opportunities for solar voltaic glass in skylights, facades, and other building elements. It will call attention to new opportunities and challenges stemming from the integration of BiPV with solar thermal and solar geothermal.

  • Mr Diego Cuevas-Gomez, Manager, Business Development, Americas, Onyx Solar –
  • Mr Anthony O. Pereira, Managing Director, altPOWER –
  • Mr Andrew McNamara, Senior Consultant and Vice President, Engineering, Bright Power
  • Mr John Conklin, President/CEO, New Energy Technologies – SolarWindow: Generating Amp-le Opportunities for BIPV Market Expansion.