Bright Power Presents at 14th Annual Ohio Housing Conference


Jon Braman will present at a panel on understanding utiliy bills, and strategies to reduce utility costs at a property.

De-mystifying Utility Bills/Strategies to Lower Utility Bills (Wednesday, November 28th)

14th Annual Ohio Housing Conference

(The Greater Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, OH)

Session: 4:00pm-5:30pm, description coming soon

Speakers: Jon Braman

This is the year to join the Ohio Housing Finance Agency and Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing at the 14th annual Ohio Housing Conference, “Together We Are – Constructing, Investing and Financing”. Be a part of this premier housing conference and celebrate the impact our common mission of providing decent affordable housing has had on our residents, communities and economy. Network with more than 1,500 industry peers as you attend over 40 industry-related sessions and workshops focused on educating and inspiring you to continue your good work. We hope you will join us and share your experiences and successes as you take away value-added insights and knowledge.