Bright Power Presents at AEA Multifamily Buildings 2011: The Energy Efficiency Edge


Jeff Perlman will present at the session “A Portfolio Approach to Multifamily EE Retrofits: Alternative Tools” on Monday, August 8th as part of Track F: Benchmarking, Predicting and Monitoring Total Energy Use and Savings.

AEA Multifamily Buildings 2011: The Energy Efficiency Edge (August 8-10, 2011)

(Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent, 540 North Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL)

AEA’s Multifamily Buildings Conference series has provided unmatched opportunities for professionals interested in energy-efficient multifamily buildings to come together to discuss the field’s many challenges and opportunities. The series has convened a diverse community of policy-makers, program designers and implementers, as well as building owners and operators, design and building performance professionals, weatherization agencies, contractors, and diverse energy experts.

This unique conference provides a forum for leaders and practitioners to advance the policies, strategies, and practices that make multifamily buildings energy efficient, durable and safe, extending the benefits of energy efficiency throughout the multifamily building market.