Bright Power Presents at January Green Building Monthly Forum: Green Catwalk


Colleen Lonergan will present at first forum of 2012. The annual Green Catwalk forum will explore many types of new innovations in sustainable building and will hear from a diverse group of speakers about new programs and projects being proposed for New York City, recent studies, and new resources, discussing the very nature of innovation and sustainable building.

Green Building Monthly Forum: Green Catwalk (Wednesday, January 18, 2012)

(NYC ACRE – NYU Poly, 160 Varick St., 12th floor, NYC 10013)

Time: 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

*Registration and ID are required for this event.

Our Speakers include:

Leif Percifield from the Don’t Flush Me project whose goal is to allow NYC residents to reduce the amount of pollution in the harbor by alerting them when additional waste water might cause an overflow.

Liz Eisenberg from Steven Winter Associates who will present on the Deutsche Bank study.

Dong Ping Wong will present on Family NY projects, including the Plus Pool, whose goal is to build a unique type of pool in the East River that will filter the river’s water through its walls.

Tom Sahagian from Power Concepts who will present on the concept of innovation in sustainable and whether or not that’s where our focus should be.

Colleen Lonergan from Bright Power who will present on the New Jersey weatherization program for multi-family homes

Johanna Walczyk from the Supportive Housing Network of New York who will present on supportive housing residents and greening their homes

Chris Mahase from HPD who will present on the recently launched NYC Green House website

Caroline Samponaro from Transportation Alternatives will speak on NYC’s bike share program and bike lane network in relationship to innovations in building and real estate development

Ken Camilleri from ICF International will present on New York City’s Clean Heat Initiative