Bright Power Presents at Solar One Event


New York City, The Future Metropolis Volume II: Infrastructure of Green (Feb 17, 2011)

(Solar One, The Educational Alliance, 197 East Broadway, NYC)

Update: View the presentation on Youtube.

Time: 7 pm

Do you ever wonder what New York City will look like in 20 years? If so, please join us for the second NYC The Future Metropolis event, an exciting, fast-paced look at some of the new technologies, projects, and ideas that are shaping the future of our city. Volume II of this series will explore the physical infrastructures and shifting networks of ideas that are enabling the green transformation of New York City. The invited speakers will address topics such as the smart electric grid, NYC food supply, and the importance of human capital to the greening of our business, buildings, and society.


Jeff Perlman, NYC smart electric grid, Bright Power

Rosanne Hoyem, NYC Solar America City, CUNY

Jaime Stein, Urban Environmental Systems Management, Pratt Institute

Dawn Henning, Rocking The Boat

Janette Kim, Underdome Project, Columbia University

Diallo Shabazz, Green Jobs Program, Solar One

Amy Bucciferro, Short-Sea Shipping for NYC’s Food Supply

Kubi Ackerman, NYC Foodshed Initiative, Columbia University

Jackie Brookner, Public Environmental Art/Artist

Deirdre Lizio, Retrofit Block by Block, Pratt Center for Community Development