Bright Power Speaks at Opportunity Finance Conference, Minnesota


Jeff Perlman is a panelist for “Measuring Outcomes: Energy Efficiency Rehabs” on November 17th as part of the Green Finance track of the 2011 Opportunity Finance Conference.

2011 Opportunity Finance Conference – Impact, It’s What We Do (November 14-17, 2011)

(Minneapolis Hilton, Minneapolis, MN)

In these uncertain economic times, CDFIs of all types—banks, credit unions, loan funds, and venture funds–are enjoying unprecedented attention for the impact they have on low-income, low-wealth, and disadvantaged communities across the U.S. What makes CDFIs so effective? How do CDFIs put their mission into practice? What will it take to expand CDFI coverage into every community that needs one?  Learn how CDFIs create impact. Hear about new sectors where CDFIs are making a difference. Find out about the public policies that affect CDFIs and how you can work with OFN to promote policy change that is good for the CDFI industry.

Measuring Outcomes: Energy Efficiency Rehabs (Nov. 17th, 9am-10:30am)

Session Leader: Wanda Speight, Opportunity Finance Network
Session Panelists: Andrew Chen, WegoWise and Jeff PerlmanEnergyScoreCards

How can you measure the cost savings of your energy efficiency financing? In this session, you’ll learn about two leading software products that allow owners of multi-family affordable housing properties to measure the precise impact of energy efficiency rehabs. These powerful tools allow the tracking of all energy and water usage by source, enable owners–and the CDFIs that finance them–to measure the change in energy usage before and after a rehab, and even allow CDFIs to aggregate all of their borrowers’ properties into a single data system. Andrew Chen, CEO of WegoWise, and Jeff Perlman, CEO of EnergyScoreCards, will demonstrate their software systems and show you how they are being used to accurately and easily measure the impact of energy efficiency investments.