Bright Power Speaks at PHADA (Public Housing Authorities Directors Association) Annual Convention


Jeff Perlman will share a panel with Dick Santangelo, to discuss how public housing agencies can use energy benchmarking to manage energy consumption.

Energy Benchmarking – How to Better Manage Your Agency’s Energy Consumption and Maximize Your Energy Savings (May 8th, 3:30 pm–5:00 pm)

(Sheraton Seattle Hotel  in Seattle, Washington)

Energy is the fastest growing cost affecting PHAs today.  And, if your agency doesn’t control and manage those costs effectively, you’re heading for trouble! Energy benchmarking, is an on-line tool that gives PHAs the ability to monitor and compare their energy usage by building, better manage their energy consumption and help the agency to make better strategic decisions on what energy improvements to make.

Energy Benchmarking has recently become a hot topic at HUD’s Office of Public and Indian Housing and both HUD and PHAs are now beginning to realize that energy benchmarking is an important cost effective management tool in helping agencies better manage their energy consumption and maximize their energy savings.

This session, for EDs and staff, will bring you up to date on HUD’s thinking about energy benchmarking and will demonstrate how energy benchmarking works.

Whether your PHA has gone through an energy performance contract (EPC), is thinking about it or just wants to get better control over its energy costs, you won’t want to miss this session!

Moderator: Michael Nail
Speakers: Dick Santangelo and Jeff Perlman