Bright Power Speaks at “Power Struggle” Screening & Panel


Eric Ast joins the panel discussion on the state of renewable energy around the globe, following this film featuring communities pursuing renewable energy.

Power Struggle – A Film by David Dawkins (Thursday, May 10, 2012)

(School of the Future, 127 E 22nd St , New York, NY 10010)

6:30 PM to 9:00 PM

The Film:  As CO2 emissions rise and the sourcing of fossil fuels is increasingly mired in unstable politics and economics, people around the world will start to look for lasting energy alternatives to power their lives. “Power Struggle” follows four communities scattered around the globe as they seek out sustainable energy independence in the form of renewables: solar, wind and water. This film documents the creation of a solar powered hospital in The Gambia, Africa; a wind powered Sioux Reservation radio station in South Dakota; a tidal turbine project here in East River, NYC; and a wind/solar-powered small-holder farm in Mongolia. ~1 hour

The Panel: “Power Struggle” provides a platform for conversation about the state of energy around the world: who has access to energy resources, who doesn’t and how do we develop clean and sustainable energy resources everywhere. Join us after the film for a panel discussion featuring industry and academic experts and concerned citizens mobilizing to make a difference. Your questions are welcomed.


Eric Ast – Managing Energy Analyst, Bright Power

Max Joel – Directory of Energy Connections Program, Solar One

Lynn McConville – Executive Director, Power-Up Gambia