Bright Power Teaches at NYU: High Performance Energy-Efficient Buildings Course


Jeffrey Perlman and Andrew McNamara will be teaching this course at the NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies from May to July.

High Performance Energy-Efficient Buildings (May 25-July 27, 2011)

(NYU SCPS, Continuing Education: Architecture, Engineering, and Construction)

AESD1-CE9643 / $640

Owners, managers, and tenants in high performance buildings benefit from lower operating costs and a healthier environment. Through case studies and practical examples, examine the financial benefits of energy efficiency through the use of integrated building systems, renewable energy sources, and mechanical systems selection. Learn systems design options for new and existing buildings to meet high performance building objectives and standards. Topics include building envelope and wall construction, site orientation, material selection, daylighting, natural ventilation, lighting design, passive and active solar design, geothermal and wind power, HVAC systems, water conservation strategies,energy modeling, performance verification techniques, and life cycle economic analysis.

AIA/HSW-20 hours. PDH-20 hours.

Prerequisites: Principles of Environmentally Sustainable Design/AESD1-CE9390 and Fundamentals of Building Systems/AESD1-CE9351 or equivalent. This course is applicable toward: Certificate in Sustainable Design, Construction, and Development