Bright Power Webinar: Benchmarking Your Portfolio, Part II


Join our free webinar to develop a better understanding of benchmarking and the strengths of portfolio energy anaylsis in EnergyScoreCards.

Benchmarking Your Portfolio, Part II – Register

Your Properties in Context

Friday, July 20th at 3PM EST

Duration: 45 minutes
Host: Michele Soderstrom, Senior Account Manager

As a continuation from “Benchmarking Your Portfolio: Part I,” which highlighted how to use the results of energy benchmarking, this presentation discusses how to make sure these results are based on good information. We will review the property and utility data that go into the tool, how to gather and review data, and highlight the behind-the-scenes analysis in EnergyScoreCards. We will also review reasons why businesses choose to benchmark their buildings, including compliance with local laws and identifying “energy hogs.”

Participation in the previous discussion is not required. Part I is available to download or stream.

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