Bright Power’s Policy and Programs Team Advocates for Multifamily Buildings in Washington D.C.


Earlier this month, the Policy and Programs team represented Bright Power in Washington D.C. at the Clean Energy Business and Innovation Week. At the invitation of Rewiring America, we joined representatives from over 100 sustainability organizations to share our success stories resulting from the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) with Congress, the Department of Energy (DOE), and the Department of the Treasury. The week provided a unique opportunity to speak directly with legislators and agencies about the needs of multifamily properties, as well as the critical role that continued federal investment plays in addressing climate change.

Highlights from the week included meeting with the legislative staffers of two New York congressmen, as well as a meeting with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s staff. We discussed how the programs created by the IRA are helping to spur energy efficiency and decarbonization projects across the state. We drove our points home by sharing hard numbers on investment dollars committed, projects greenlit, and job market growth. They listened to our suggestions on IRA implementation, and were excited to continue to hear from us about the very real benefits of federal investments in sustainability.

In addition to legislative discussions, we also joined meetings with staff from the DOE and Treasury. Our team provided important feedback on the Home Energy Rebate programs as well as energy tax incentives, including:

  • Voicing our concerns to DOE that the multifamily market, especially on the low-income side, needs special considerations for the funding to be effective;
  • Recommending that the Treasury should consider expanding the capacity of the investment tax credit Low-Income Communities Bonus program;
  • The need for updated guidance on the 179D tax deduction; and
  • The critical need for guidance for condominium and cooperative buildings on how to leverage the 25C tax credit
  • The department staff were receptive and appreciative of our willingness to come down to DC to share our feedback.

We left DC feeling invigorated by the connections made and motivated to continue our conversations on federal support for energy efficiency in multifamily buildings. We look forward to continuing engagements with agency and congressional staff to ensure our clients are in the best possible position to benefit from the IRA programs.

Check out some pictures from our trip below:

Group photo of the Clean Energy Business Week attendees in front of the Capitol building.

Bright Power’s Policy and Programs Team joined by other Clean Energy Business Week attendees and congressional staff.

Group photo with Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer’s staff.

Bright Power’s Policy and Programs Team on the steps of the Capitol building. On the left: Amanda Clevinger, Policy and Programs Director. On the right: Ion Simonides, Senior Policy and Programs Analyst.