Climate Mobilization Act Series: Grades, Codes & Limits–Event Recap


Wednesday morning, January 15, marked the latest event in our ongoing Climate Mobilization Act (CMA) series, a collection of programs and resources dedicated to demystifying the legislative package and connecting our community with relevant solutions. Grades, Codes & Limits is the sixth program in the CMA series and the second event in partnership with the Natural Resources Defense Council, focusing on solutions to the CMA’s various requirements. In particular, this event focused on the new building energy grade labels and carbon limits that will be put into effect October 2020. Donna De Costanzo, Director of the Climate & Clean Energy Program at Natural Resources Defense Council, moderated the event, guiding the conversation and explaining how the new building energy grade labels will affect all parts of the equation. Panelists included John Lee, Deputy Director of Green Buildings and Energy Efficiency at NYC Mayor’s Office of Sustainability; Andrea Mancino, Director of New Construction at Bright Power, Inc.; Kelly Dougherty, Vice President at FS Residential; and Amalia Cuadra, Senior Director of Engineering at EN-POWER Group.

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