Green Team Goes After More Than Low-Hanging Fruit


Green Team Goes After More Than Low-Hanging Fruit, Habitat, April 13, 2018.

“In 2012, the committee forged ahead with the energy audit and system tune-ups required by Local Law 87, an expansion of Local Law 84. After diligently vetting several engineering firms, the committee went with Bright Power. As the report was being prepared, Schwab and Kaminer did more homework, attending conferences on how to comply with Local Law 87.

“When James Hannah, vice president of client energy services at Bright Power, presented his findings, the green committee gave him a pleasant surprise. ‘They didn’t want to just pick the low-hanging fruit and do the minimum retro-commissioning, like a boiler tune-up, to meet city requirements,” Hannah says. “They wanted a top-to-bottom job.’”