How to Get Off the Energy Rollercoaster


Don’t let the energy markets take you for a ride.

If you’re looking at your utility bills from this past winter, chances are you’re not too pleased. Not only did you face skyrocketing energy prices, but also angry tenants and shareholders demanding answers. Does that ring any bells? So why was this winter so jaw-dropping? Blame it on the rain (and the snow and the cold). Unforeseen storms and temperatures sent demand through the roof, severely depleting our country’s natural gas reserves. The drastic decrease in storage created a volatile market which is still in recovery. And, because electricity prices follow natural gas prices, your electric bills shot up, too.

But you don’t need to be so exposed to the wild fluctuations of the energy markets.  You can stick with your local utility company to cover your energy supply and ride the energy market rollercoaster… or you can work with a valued partner to bid out to multiple Energy Supply Companies (ESCOs), find competitive rates and develop pragmatic strategies to accommodate your energy needs and protect you from future price spikes. For example, by buying your energy ahead of time – at the right time – you can mitigate risk for you, your building, and your tenants and shareholders.

How can Bright Power help? Bright Power’s newly expanded Energy Procurement team will evaluate your past, present, and projected energy usage. That assessment, along with a deep understanding of the energy market, will form the foundation of your customized energy procurement strategy. Our trusted advisors are continually monitoring the markets to seize opportunities to save while simultaneously managing and reducing risks on our clients’ behalf. Start preparing for tomorrow, today.