If you’ve been laid off, now is the time to pivot your skills into a new career


Finding the green

For Enrique Herrera, a 23-year-old resident of the Upper East Side, the pandemic pulled his job as a carpenter’s apprentice out from under him. The key to job security moving forward, Herrera decided, was having a vocation that is in demand and good for the planet. “I decided to learn to do work that supports green lifestyles,” he said.

Luckily for Herrera, he qualified for paid training through Intervine, a New York program that trains low-income community members to work within green infrastructures. Over a 10-week period, he took courses including construction, site safety and solar PV installation. He also earned certifications after training.

When Herrera completed the classes via Zoom, he was awarded a paid internship with Bright Power in lower Manhattan, which works to improve building efficiency and lower building emissions for a greener planet. He hopes to get hired as a permanent employee.

“I can’t wait to become more hands-on and get out on the field,” said Herrera.

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