Keep Your Building Powered During a Blackout with Bright Power’s Resilient Power Hub


Solar PVIn the past two weeks, New York City has been hit with electrical blackouts as a result of extreme heat putting pressure on the electric grid. What can New Yorkers do to avoid future blackouts as ConEd works to remedy the situation?

As a tenant, there are a few ways to reduce your electricity consumption and, in turn, pressure on the electrical grid: unplug appliances that are not in use, turn off unnecessary lights, and close the blinds to minimize solar heat gain. But what can building owners do to mitigate the impact of blackouts on their tenants?

Bright Power’s Resilient Power Hub 

The Resilient Power Hub is a small-scale hybrid power plant that provides buildings with instantaneous back-up power to critical systems when the grid goes down, as well as energy savings the rest of the time. It can operate as part of or independent from the utility grid. The technology combines solar photovoltaics (PV), cogeneration, and batteries into one automated system that is easily scaled and replicated in various building types—all it needs is direct rooftop sunlight and access to natural gas.

battery storage

CogenerationWith the integration of these cleaner technologies, the Resilient Power Hub unleashes electricity savings, shaves peak demand, and provides emergency backup power to critical functions such as elevators, pumps, and lighting.

Learn about the Resilient Power Hubs being installed at two small businesses in Brooklyn that were greatly impacted by Superstorm Sandy: Linda Tool and Banner Smoked Fish. Not only will the Resilient Power Hubs provide power security should there be an electricity outage, but they will also allow the businesses to serve as a point of refuge for others in the community.

Interested to learn how the Resilient Power Hub would work for a multifamily property? Read about a recently installed Resilient Power Hub at a supportive and affordable housing development in the Bronx.

Don’t wait until the next power outage frustrates your tenants and puts your building at risk. Contact Bright Power and we’ll explain your options.