Mancino Climbs from Construction Intern to Executive VP at Bright Power


NEW YORK CITY – Andrea Mancino, the newly appointed executive vice president at energy and water management company Bright Power in New York, is blazing a path in an industry that has traditionally been male-dominated and closed off to women laborers and positions up the rungs to the executive suite. Through her testimony of climbing the ranks from an intern to executive, she is showing professionals coming up behind her that difference is power.

Mancino served as director of new construction at Bright Power prior to the promotion. In that role, she managed ground-up new construction, oversaw long-term strategic planning for the firm’s new construction unit and commissioned projects alongside her team that is comprised of 50 percent women.

“I didn’t hire women on purpose. Half of my team is women and I wasn’t necessarily trying for that, what I have done is make sure people feel comfortable, and I am there to help them navigate and make sure my team knows how important it is to network and have a group of people to look to for a sense of community.”

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