New Benchmarking Requirements in 2023


Several cities enacted new compliance requirements for 2023! 

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Honolulu, HI
Due: June 1st
Property Types: 100,000+ sqft (multifamily, commercial)

Massachusetts (state)*
Due: June 30th
Property Types: 20,000+ sqft (multifamily, commercial)

*Details on reporting requirements are still being established

Miami, FL
Due: June 30th for 200,000+ sqft, October 1st for 100,000+ sqft
Property Types: 100,000+ sqft

New Jersey (state)
Due: October 1st
Property Types: 25,000+ sqft (multifamily, commercial)

If you already have your properties subscribed to EnergyScoreCards, we’ve screened them for you to see whether or not they need to be submitted. If you have properties in these cities that don’t have subscriptions, let us know so we can help determine whether or not the requirements apply. 

Why are more cities adopting energy benchmarking laws?

Energy benchmarking provides building owners with a process to understand—and improve—their buildings. Benchmarking involves measuring performance and comparing it to peers using energy and water consumption data. 

Most building owners in other jurisdictions prefer to use a service provider or software to collect, analyze, and submit the data on their behalf, while some will tackle it on their own.

Some cities, like Boston, New York, and Washington, D.C., have started to adopt building performance standards (BPS). BPS legislation sets energy performance targets for individual buildings based on building type, size, and fuel source. New York City; Boston; Washington, D.C.; St. Louis; and Washington State are all developing their own version of a BPS at this time. 

Whatever you decide to do, be sure that you are getting the most out of compliance. Rather than just submitting data, you can use benchmarking as a strategic tool to unlock areas of opportunity for energy and water efficiency improvements and savings for your portfolio.

EnergyScoreCards comes with a dedicated Energy Analyst who takes care of submitting benchmarking data for you and, works with you to identify the best opportunities for high-impact improvements and projects with a strong return on investment. Once those improvement projects are completed, you and your analyst can measure their savings.

Deadlines Are Coming Up—Fast!

Not sure what to do next? Contact us today. Our team of energy and water experts will help you understand the next steps.