Bright Power Announces new CEO and Chief Strategy Officer role to Drive Growth and Maximize Positive Impact on the Planet

10-year company veteran moves into the CEO role to focus on core strengths, while Bright Power’s founder is taking on a larger, external-facing role


March 30, 2023 – NEW YORK, New York – Bright Power, Inc. has announced a transition in leadership that is new, yet familiar. Jeff Perlman, who founded Bright Power 18 years ago, and has led the company as CEO since, announced that Andrea Mancino will become the company’s Interim CEO as he moves into a new position, Chief Strategy Officer.

“I am so proud of what we have been able to accomplish at Bright Power over the last 18 years,” says Jeff Perlman. “And I am excited for the new leadership that Andrea brings. It has been a pleasure to watch her grow for a decade at this company to the strong leader she is today.”

With a decade-long tenure at the company, Andrea is an industry veteran who possesses a deep understanding of both the industry and the organization. Prior to her role as Interim Chief Executive Officer, Andrea served as the Executive Vice President of the New York Business Unit, overseeing operations for all service offerings in New York. Before that, Andrea led the New Construction and Commissioning divisions, which she co-founded and built from the ground up. She is on several working groups for energy codes and green building programs. In addition, Andrea is a proud member of the Women in Construction advocacy group, as well as a Board Member of the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) and a 2019 Environmental + Energy Leader 100 honoree.

“I want to thank Jeff for his tireless efforts and leadership over the last 18 years. Bright Power was founded by Jeff on the principle of addressing climate change and making the world a better place, one building at a time,” says Andrea Mancino. “It is truly an honor for Jeff to pass the baton to me. I’ve put my heart and soul into this company for a decade and I look forward to leading it into a very bright future.”

The role of Chief Strategy Officer will allow Jeff to focus on developing innovative approaches to opportunities arising from city, state and federal initiatives, as well as thought leadership. With a number of policy developments, including Building Performance Standards (such as Local Law 97 in NYC) and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), the company is presented with significant opportunities for growth and development. 

Justin Pateman and Megan Gill will continue their roles as Bright Power’s CFO and CRO, respectively. Together, Andrea, Justin, and Megan will lead a cohesive executive team that is fully committed to propelling Bright Power forward, growing their nearly 20-year tenure at the forefront of the green economy.

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