NYC’s Local Law 92/94: The Green Roof Legislation


Local Law 94/92 requires projects involving the construction, addition, or replacement of a structural roof deck to install solar PV or a green roof on all usable roof space. This includes any new construction projects, vertical and horizontal extensions, and projects with major modifications to an existing building’s roof that requires a permit. Buildings that cannot accommodate a minimum of 4 kW solar PV or 200 square feet of green roof (Group R buildings with five stories or less have a different minimum requirement of 100 square feet of solar PV/green roof) may be eligible for an exemption. If you are unable to install solar PV, you must install a green roof. Standard roof replacement projects involving a new roof membrane or insulation are not required to comply with LL94/92.

This law takes effect on November 15, 2019.

The legislation supports what we advise our clients: maximize the roof’s potential and put as much solar as you can up there. There are many options, from more conventional solar installations, like ballasted, tilted plane, or pergola systems on existing buildings and new developments—see Arverne View, Dumont Green, Marcus Garvey, and The Apartments at Landing Roadto solar as an innovative and beautiful design feature—see St. Augustine Terrace, The Meekerman, and Via Verde. We are happy to work through the options with you.