NYHC & NHC 44th Annual Awards Program


Congratulations to This Year’s Honorees and Nominees

We’re elated client and partner of Bright Power, OMNI New York LLC is being honored as Developer of the Year at this year’s NYHC & NHC Awards Program. OMNI New York has been a fantastic partner we’ve worked with on projects such as Morris Avenue (pictured above), Archer Green, and 10 Richman Plaza.

We are also incredibly proud that Bright Power has been involved in so many impactful affordable housing projects. We wish all of our clients and partners nominated for the Community Impact Competition the best of luck.


Settlement Housing Fund / The Briarwood Organization & Edelman Sultan Knox Wood / Architects LLP – 1561 Walton Avenue: We provided new construction services including Enterprise Green Communities certification and NYSERDA Multifamily Performance Program (MPP) Partner Services.

Unique People Services & MAP – 2050 Grand Concourse: We are working as the energy efficiency and green building consultant for this supportive housing new construction project.  As part of our services, we are helping the development team target a LEED Platinum certification and design on-site energy generation systems that will be able to power critical loads in the event of a disruption to the electric grid.

The Bridge, Inc. & the Leviticus Fund – 3500 Park Avenue: We are currently working as the project’s solar design consultant, continuing the solar design and installation services we have provided for The Bridge on other projects including 918 East New York Avenue, which is currently under construction.

Radson Development & MAP – Creston Parkview: We are providing Enterprise Green Communities certification and commissioning services.

HELP USA with SAGE USA & Magnusson Architecture and Planning (MAP) – HELP Crotona Senior Housing: We consulted with HELP USA starting with their tax credit funding application and are providing energy efficiency, green building, and mechanical system commissioning services including NYSERDA New Construction Program and Enterprise Green Communities consulting.  We designed and will install a 90.72 kW solar PV array atop a trellis-pergola steel framing system.

BFC Partners, Marvel Architects, SAGE USA – Ingersoll Senior Residences with SAGE USA: We consulted with the development team as part of their successful response to a NYCHA RFP.  We are providing energy efficiency, green building and mechanical system commissioning services, including NYSERDA New Construction Program and Enterprise Green Communities consulting.

MDG Design + Construction, LLC – Michelangelo Apartments: We served as the project’s energy efficiency consultant, beginning with an energy audit to identify cost-effective energy and water efficiency measures.  The energy scope for the project includes converting from electric baseboard to hydronic heating which will produce significant energy and cost-savings.  We are providing the services to procure incentives from the NYSERDA MPP, commission the new hydronic boiler plants, and set up monitoring equipment that will allow us to track the performance of critical building systems in real time through our MoBIUS offering. 

RDC Development (MDG Design + Construction, LLC and Wavecrest Management) – Ocean Bay Apartments: We served as the project’s energy efficiency, power resiliency and on-site generation consultant, conducted an energy audit of the 24 building property, and provided an on-site generation feasibility study to assess the viability of solar PV, co-generation and energy storage technologies.  After determining that solar PV was the most cost-effective on-site generation technology, we designed a system that will significantly reduce the property’s electric costs.  We are now installing the 575.52 kW solar system, the third largest system on an affordable multifamily property in New York State.   Read more about our work here.

Monadnock Development & Bernheimer Architecture – One Flushing: We consulted on and are in the process of installing a 116.1 kW solar PV system.

Georgica Green Ventures, Stephen B. Jacobs Group PC, Glenwood Management & Concern for Independent Living – Surf Vets Place: We work as the energy efficiency and green building consultant for this new construction project.  As part of our services, we help the project meet the guidelines of Enterprise Green Communities as well as commission its mechanical systems.

Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corporation (WHEDco), Edelman Sultan Knox Wood / Architects LLP, Peter Franzese  – Urban Horizons (UH): We conducted the energy auditing portion of NYC HPD’s first Green Physical Needs Assessment (GPNA).

We think all of the nominees are winners for their dedication and commitment to positively influencing each community they touch!