NYTimes.com Quotes Bright Power CEO in “Start Small and Think Long-Term – Saving Energy”


Jeffrey Perlman is quoted in The New York Times on how small changes in heating systems can make great strides in cutting energy costs.

To find out where energy savings might be found in your building, an energy audit is in order. These are available from private consultants or utility companies like Con Edison. 

A good place to begin is to make sure that all systems are working as efficiently as they can.

“If you have the right thermostat in place but the temperature sensor is in the wrong place, that can have a huge impact on energy performance,” said Jeffrey Perlman, the president of Bright Power, an energy consulting group. “But it doesn’t cost a lot to fix.”

From there, you can get more ambitious: you can try to balance the temperature.

“Generally, buildings are heated to the tenant who’s complaining the most because they’re cold,” Mr. Perlman said. “To be more energy-efficient, you want the whole building to get to be roughly the same temperature at roughly the same time. A well-balanced system can work wonders. And it can save money as well.”

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“Start Small and Think Long-Term: Saving Energy” (November 22, 2009)