Power Shift: The 2021 Outlook for Commercial Buildings

The U.S. Department of Energy’s annual snapshot of trends in commercial building consumption and how the mix of sources is changing.

The pandemic has already produced big changes in energy consumption by commercial buildings, and more shifts are on the way. For property owners and managers, that may be the biggest takeaway from the Annual Energy Outlook 2021, the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s annual forecast of energy production and use.


The agency’s energy outlook for 2021 should spark action at city, state and federal levels, resulting in incentives and mandates that open opportunities for commercial real estate operators, Jeff Perlman, co-founder & president of Bright Power, told CPE.

“Stay up to date on all of these developments: Energy pricing and trends; passed and proposed regulations; incentive programs to enable you to integrate high-performance or renewable energy technologies; and technologies that allow you to decrease your portfolio’s carbon emissions,” Perlman advised.