Problem Solved: The Financial Calculus Of Energy Retrofits


Carol Ott, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Habitat, interviews Darren Johnson, Senior Account Manager

Figuring out an upgrade path to meet the requirements of the Climate Mobilization Act, or Local Law 97, can be daunting for any co-op or condo board. A green committee at one of your co-op clients is tackling this now. What kinds of improvements has this co-op made in the past?

In 2013, Bright Power performed an energy audit as part of benchmarking, or Local Law 84, compliance. In our audit, we identified energy upgrades to improve the property’s performance, and the board implemented a number of them, both in common areas and in the apartments. The board focused on improvements to the heating system, such as balancing the steam distribution, installing indoor temperature controls and adding pipe insulation. The board upgraded the domestic hot water system by installing low-flow fixtures in the apartments. They also did an LED lighting upgrade in common areas and made improvements to the building envelope to reduce air infiltration.

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