Rooftop Apple Orchard? Go Ahead, You Can Afford It



And much more, when you’re saving on energy. Take a page out of Via Verde’s book. Four years ago, Jonathan Rose Companies and Phipps Houses collaborated to redefine affordable housing standards in the South Bronx by way of sustainable design. The project was a success in terms of energy saved, but it’s what residents have gained that keeps Via Verde in the spotlight.

Here are five amenities made possible by the green initiatives taken on site, proving that affordability and sustainability are two peas in a pod:

Rooftop apple orchard

At Via Verde, green roofs go beyond just grass. Not only do they complement the staggering solar array in terms of efficient design, they also provide ample space for residents to garden. Bonus feature: community gardening club.

On-site Amphitheater

In terms of affordability, staying in beats going out every time. The amphitheater hosts community organized events, keeping residents happy, occupied and local.

Rainwater Harvesting

Pavement doesn’t need watering. Just imagine what the urban landscape might look like if we not only had more flora and fauna, but also the systems in place to keep it thriving.

Energy Intel

Your building is trying to tell you something. Do you have the tools to hear it? A real-time solar production dashboard is on display for residents and visitors alike at Via Verde, because you can and should be connected to the systems that make your building a place to live.

Peace of Mind

Streamlined energy usage means more money in your pocket at the end of the day, and the day after that.

In response to Living on Earth’s “A Green Building Blooms in the Bronx” featured here.