The Clean Fight Welcomes 20 Customer and Capital Partners in the Fight to Decarbonize New York.


We’d like to take a moment to celebrate and welcome our customer and capital partners in The Clean Fight: Mass Market Buildings Edition.

Introducing our Customer partners Bright Power, City of Ithaca, Con Edison, Fairstead, Handel Architects, JOE NYC, L+M, RiseBoro, Steven Winter Associates and our Capital partners, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Broadscale, Camber Creek, Community Preservation Corporation, Energy Impact Partners, Fifth Wall, Generate Capital, MetaProp, NYCEEC, Obvious Ventures, and Perl Street. NYC Housing Partnership is joining as a strategic partner.

Our latest group of partners are leaders in their field, unafraid of tackling the thorny issue of how to decarbonize the mass of New York’s non-luxury commercial and residential buildings. These are the hardest to crack but critical to decarbonize, not only due to their disproportionate number, but because they are more likely to house frontline and underserved communities, where the greening of buildings not only creates climate impacts, but outsized health, comfort, and savings impacts.

On the cutting-edge of equitable building decarbonization, our customer partners are already implementing innovative and scalable solutions to bring New York’s buildings to net zero, while creating replicable blueprints for the rest of the market to follow. We’re excited by their expertise and commitment to our collective mission of ‘Decarbonizing New York’s Buildings in a New York Minute’ in a just and inclusive manner.

This year our Capital partners include both investment and financing partners. Impressive in their unrivaled leadership in the field, this combination of partners is enabling startups to not only grow their companies through direct investment, but also critically, to speed adoption of their solutions through project financing and lending for startups and customers.

This collaboration between the companies in Cohort 2 and our partners will create a blueprint for implementing cost-effective climate solutions, essential for achieving New York’s climate goals, and paving the way towards a net-zero future.

We are currently in the process of selecting companies for Cohort 2. Our focus at The Clean Fight is to speed adoption of ready-to-scale solutions, and therefore those chosen will sit at the nexus between market interest and climate & social impact. The 8-10 growth-stage companies selected will be provided with tailored support service, bespoke customer and investor introductions and relationship-building, and the ability to apply for up to $250,000 each in grants to fund resulting partnership agreements.

We are fortunate to have these partners on board at a time when there is renewed support for decarbonization efforts at a federal level, as well as heightened pressure for high-impact solutions to climate change, making this a transformative period for innovation across the U.S. and beyond.

​​”Bright Power is committed to eliminating negative environmental impacts of buildings while maximizing their utility and value and improving the health, comfort, and productivity of their occupants. Founded and headquartered in NYC, it was natural for us to join The Clean Fight to develop replicable solutions to decarbonize our city. Together, we can create a more equitable and sustainable city with high-quality, healthy, comfortable, and efficient buildings for all.” Jeffrey Perlman, President, Founder & CEO, Bright Power

Read more about The Clean Fight and hear from the 19 other partners on The Clean Fight’s website.