The New Healthy: Ventilation


With so many New Yorkers working at home and spending extended hours indoors during the coronavirus pandemic, co-op and condo boards’ thoughts may be turning to indoor air quality. This might be a good time to refurbish a building’s ventilation system – a capital project that may lack great visual appeal but can reap considerable energy savings while improving residents’ comfort, health and peace of mind.

“They probably already have indoor air-quality questions and concerns,” says Amalia Cuadra, the senior director of engineering for the energy consultancy EN-POWER Group. “The biggest point we hear is, ‘I can smell my neighbors smoking or cooking.’”

Dave Sachs, the director of existing buildings at the energy consulting firm Bright Power, says: “Is it the sexiest of things to spend money on? No. But it can have a tremendous impact on health, safety and energy efficiency.”

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