Why Sustainability Is Pivotal to Affordable Housing


Bright Power’s Avery Gray discusses how sustainable design grants access to more affordable, comfortable and healthier housing options.

The coronavirus outbreak has put the U.S. housing crisis in the spotlight and underscored the need for affordable housing. With COVID-19, it has also become more apparent that housing quality can significantly impact an individual’s overall health. Therefore, multifamily developers need to focus on creating housing that addresses health, safety and comfort, and strives for lower operations costs.

Multi-Housing News reached out to Avery Gray, senior project manager at Bright Power, to discuss the possibilities of minimizing costs and improving resident comfort by implementing sustainable features. Gray also provides insights on the company’s new project with The Community Builders, Park Haven, a 178-unit affordable housing development in the Bronx, which aims to provide high-quality, sustainably designed housing to low-income renters.

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