Director of Software Development

Guillaume Marceau is the Director of Software Development. As a trusted leader and mentor, his goal is to make sure everyone on the company’s software development team sees a space for the full expression of their talent and creativity. Guillaume develops the team, nurturing their growth and professional development so that Bright Power can continually use the best software construction practices and the best technology stacks.


Prior to joining Bright Power, Guillaume served as technical leadership for different high tech startups in New York and San Francisco: at Body Labs, Inc, using deep learning and body models, at Stellar using an energy efficient blockchain algorithm, and at Sefaira deploying Scala to bring building energy analysis to scale.


Guillaume is an award-winning computer science scholar, receiving the Best-Paper Award from the Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE) in 2011 and the Best-Paper Award from the Automated Software Engineering Journal in 2006. He participated in scientific research across many topics, with application ranging from securing the Linux kernel to bringing insights from signal processing to web programs, and on how to best teach programming. He has a B.S. from McGill University and a Master’s from Brown University Computer Science.


In his free time, Guillaume enjoys bicycling, inline skating, and skiing.
Guillaume Marceau