Director of On-Site Generation

Jamin leads our On-site Generation team and has extensive experience in safe and efficient solar, Hydrogen gas, cogeneration, and cryogenic fluid projects. Since he started at Bright Power in 2016 he has worked on Arverne View, Archer Green, Ocean Bay, and Via Verde – all projects that have received wide acclaim and notoriety for their innovative design and commitment to resiliency. He has been instrumental in the creation and installation of our Resilient Power Hub, an on-site generation solution that integrates solar energy, cogeneration, and battery storage technologies to provide resilient power that pays for itself over time. Jamin was the lead feasibility consultant for onsite generation technologies, including solar PV, energy storage systems, and combined heat and power systems, for 25+ multi-family buildings in New York City before moving into his current Director Role.

Prior to joining Bright Power, Jamin was an Electronics Project Manager at Air Products and Chemicals in Austin, Texas for five years. There, he cut $130M in costs during one fiscal year while individually generating $400M in revenue. With great attention to detail, Jamin regularly managed up to 15 turnkey construction projects across the country at a time. Jamin also co-founded Dark Solar, a single-family home resilience based company, in 2014.

Jamin received his B.S. from Lehigh University in 2010.

Jamin Bennett Bright Power