Chief Financial Officer

Jeffry ‘Pete’ Peterson is the Chief Financial Officer at Bright Power. Pete’s role is to ensure the financial stability, sustainability, and growth of the organization.

Prior to joining Bright Power, Pete served as the CFO at SUNation Solar Systems for 3 years. He developed and controlled all of the systems and processes, ensuring high growth. He also was the lead for the organization’s consulting group.

Pete became a small companies expert in his 15 years at Thomson Industries. There he worked with 15 organizations and was responsible for their operations and strategy.  He integrated 8 acquisitions and completed 3 startups, taking the company from $30M to $350M.

He is proud of his three children: two sons – a clammer and an electrician – and a daughter – a Marine. Pete’s wife, Mary Ellen, also works in the renewable energy space.  Pete builds wooden boats from reclaimed wood in his spare time. He has a B.A. in Accounting and an M.B.A. in Marketing/Finance.

Jeffry Pete Peterson