Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

Jon Braman provides building portfolios with strategic energy consulting, technical oversight and team coordination. He uses the analytical power of our energy benchmarking software, EnergyScoreCard, to help property owners, managers, funders and program managers identify opportunities and take action to transform energy analysis into energy savings. This includes working with organizations to gather energy information, design programs and manage projects, as well as providing technical oversight, best practices training, and assistance with incentives. Jon has technical experience in energy auditing, large-scale benchmarking studies, and best practices for energy monitoring and management. He has published research on green buildings, and is currently an instructor on Green Building Practices at NYU.

Jon’s extensive research on green buildings appears in Greening our Built World: Costs, Benefits and Strategies (co-authored with Greg Kats, Island Press, 2009) and the 2006 Capital E report, “Greening America’s Schools: Costs and Benefits.” He teaches Green Building Practices as an adjunct assistant professor at NYU’s Schack Institute of Real Estate and serves on the Business Advisory of the HOPE Program, a non-profit that helps New Yorkers transcend poverty and prepares them to find, keep, and grow careers. Previously, he has worked at Good Energies, a leading investor in renewable energy and green buildings, with State Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGS) and on a sustainable homestead in Hawaii.

Jon is in pursuit of practical strategies to reduce environmental impacts and save money: strategies that can be replicated many times over to impact issues of pollution, global warming, environmental justice. When not putting these into practice at Bright Power, he communicates them to a wider audience via beats and rhymes as a ukulele hip-hop artist.

Jon is a BPI Multifamily Building Analyst and LEED AP. He has a B.S. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Yale University.

Selected Publications: